Friday, September 11, 2009

SaKiTTT JiWO TaHaP GaBaN!!!!!!

dalam bulan nih aku ase tension sgt2
tambahan kalu tgk muke die 2
cm syal jer..... WEekkkkkk benci...
tambahan plak ade krisis ngan kwan2..
da bape ari ak bukak puase skit je
dalam 3 suap gtu je..
selere aku hilang...

mgkin sebab aku sakit kot..
tambahan plak stress.
doktor cakp aku jd cmnih sebab stress,
aku da xtau nk luahkan kt saper...
kt cni jer huhuhuhuh

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

aaaaaahhhh....... lega lepas 1 COD

ari nih aku jd COD untuk malay cuisine,
macam2 jd... cm malang sgt2....
xtau la naper jd cm2....
jiwa kacu tahap gaban kot,
siap nangis td....
SE lg aku rase tertekan sgt2 tau
but, thNK lot kt ZUL coz g bli sayur kt tenggol.....
xtau la per masalah aku ngan tomyam 2....
sumer x kne.....
but thank la kt sumer k, coz tolong aku....

Monday, March 9, 2009

What I Would Like To Do In Five Years Times

Hm.... what i would likes to do in 5 years times???? I wish I would further my studies in the highest level that I want maybe I will continue my study in business. Then I also want to have a car. I also want to have my own house. I don't need a big house, but I want a small, simple and beautiful house.

then i also want to open my own restaurant because that my dream from I was young and my father also love to own his own business and I want to give restaurant to my family and we will manage it together. All the benefit I will share it with my family and went to Mekah together.

Then, if I can I want to fulfill all my parent want, because I love them very much. I want them always happy with me. They do a lot of sacrifice for growth me up until now. There are a lot of money they spend for me. So I want to make them happy and never regret has me as their daughter .

That is what I plan in 5 years later. I don't know weather I will get what I want later. because God will arrange everything and what I can do is workhard to get all the thing that I want.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My Experience At Sekolah Menengah Tunas Bakti

On 28 feb 2009 I went to sekolah Menengah Tunas Bakti at Marang, I went there with the other student who live at Kolej Perhentian. When I reached there I was very shocked because the school is very beautiful. I was informed by my project's leader that students in the school is person who have a bad attitudes. I feel very nervous and worried about my self, because the students at the will do anything and easy to get angry if we disturb them. I go there as facilitator which who will conduct all the students there to involved in all the activities.
while I with them, I realised that not every student in there have a bad attutides, some of them is a good person. They told me their bad experience and they are regret because they do not to their parent advised. Some of them have a child at 13 years old. Most of them is younger then me. They was involved in a crime because follow her boyfriend. I feel very sad while hear and sharing their bad experience.
I thank to God because I am not involved in crime and it is the best experience that i ever had. And it remind me, and can avoid me from involved doing bad activities.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Dream Man

I believe every body in this world has their own dream man or dream woman including me. We must want a perfect man in our life as our partner. Not everybody get we want or we dream about. because we just can plan but God arrange everything for us.
There are several characteristic of my dream man. My dream man must be a good person which he can make my parent happy and he respect to my parent. He also must accept my parent as his parent too. He will treat my parent nicely. That is the most importance characteristic if my dream man. He also must has a good attitudes, and i do not care about how his appearance but the most important is his attitudes.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Best Thing That Ever Happen In My Life

The best thing that ever happen my life is having a great time with my family. we all went for holidays at Penang. Actually, we are send my grandfather and my grandmother go for umrah. We all are a big family, we went in a big group, there are about 4 cars altogether.
After my grandparent got into the launch area, we all make our way went to Bukit Bendera. While waiting for the cable car, we took potograph together, and when enter the cable car, there are only my family and no body else. we spend time until evening. We spend our time at Bukit Bendera with full of joy and laugh.
I hope I will get an oppurtunities to having the holiday like that again.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

What I Want To Change About Myself

What I want to change about myself? Firstly is I want to change all the bad thing about myself, change my attitudes, I want to get a higher pointer for this semester, so I need study hard, then I want to improve myself in speaking English. Then I also want to change myself from being fool around because I don't ever scold other people. And I also don't want to talk a bad things of the other people.
I also want to change my appearance, such as reduce my weight, my weight is already reached 50 kilograms. I am afraid I will become fat, put some make up on my face when hanging out with my friends, wear a suitable clothes and other.
There is a lot that I want to share, but it is so private, that why I cannot share all that I wahnt to change about myself

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How I Spend My Holiday

It was holiday, I went back to Kedah and spend my holidays with my lovely family. The first day I at my hometown, there is nothing that I do with my family.In the morning I will help my mother cooking, and do the things that I need to do. In the evening I will be at in front of my house, playing or having a tea with my family, Sometimes, I will play a computer games with my brothers.

The day before I come back to UiTM, I went to TESCO with my mother and my sister, we bought the things that we want. While at night my mother ask me to prepair the chicken chop and we enjoy eat together. That is only my experience that I get during this mid semester break.

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Student for One Semester

There are alot of experience during being a UiTMT student one semester last semester. I still remember the first time I reached at UiTM Dungun on 26 july 2008. I was never thought that this university is very beautiful. After I was registered my self, Im leaving Dewan Aspirasi and went to my new room at Kolej Perhentian, before this, I was never stay without my family, I saw my mother is crying went she leave me at here. I felt very sad. I went back to my room and talking with my friend and introduce ourself.

At the first week, my life is very busy we need to attend all the program that being carried in MMS. I also make many new friends.I thought being a student is easy but i was wrong, everyday I felt very tired.I need to attend a cocuriculum on Monday. I join the red cresent society, I feel very happy because can learn many new things and gain more knowledge. After finished the first week, we start our class. there are so many thing I learn at here. Then I also need to make an asignment.

Now I found how we study at university and study at school is very different. Such as im a culinary art student I have a class at the hotel, I also learn how to cook and handle food properly. At university there are more things by my own self. I also need to pay more attention when in class because there are many members in one class. I also need to coorperate and work together with other friend to ensure we get high mark in our asignment. Now I know that teamwork will affect our life.